Montly target:
6 200 RUB
Buying VIP access to our game servers, you are helping us.

VIP-users will get:
VIP-access is activated immediately after payment. However, you will need to reconnect if you were on the server at the time of purchase.
Все возникающие вопросы решаются действующими администраторами в STEAM-группе проекта ALTFS.

Руководство проекта: [email protected], +7-905-282-2050.

List of tariffs:
Tariffs Price per month Price per period Server Purchase
ALL SERVERS/ 1 month 230 RUB 230 RUB Купить
ALL SERVERS/ 2 month 220 RUB 440 RUB Купить
ALL SERVERS/ 6 month 210 RUB 1260 RUB Купить
ALL SERVERS/ 12 month 200 RUB 2400 RUB Купить

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