Montly target:
5 180 RUB
Buying VIP access to our game servers, you are helping us.

VIP-users will get:
VIP-access is activated immediately after payment. However, you will need to reconnect if you were on the server at the time of purchase.
For support, please contact our STEAM group.

Project management: [email protected].

List of tariffs:
Tariffs Price per month Price per period Server Purchase
ALL SERVERS/ 1 month 200 RUB 200 RUB Купить
ALL SERVERS/ 2 month 190 RUB 380 RUB Купить
ALL SERVERS/ 6 month 180 RUB 1080 RUB Купить
ALL SERVERS/ 12 month 170 RUB 2040 RUB Купить

Sincerely, your Alice.

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